Currently my junior high students are in the middle of a Greek mythology unit. We started the unit by identifying and learning about the different Greek gods and goddesses. One of the projects they completed was a sociogram showing the relationship between their chosen god/goddess and the other gods/goddess, as well as gave additional information on the god/goddess (their symbols, modern legacy, and sacred places). We used the website, which is extremely student friendly and very informative. 

This project allowed my students to show their knowledge, complete research on their own, and show their artistic abilities. The kids had a lot of fun working on the sociograms and they turned out really well. Additionally, several students who normally don’t seem to enjoy English class got really into the project and completed multiple sociograms. 

Also, a shout out and thank you to my friend Barbara who gave me the idea as well as several other awesome mythology related activities for my students to complete. 

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